Toni Gallucci

Toni-Gallucci-ownerToni Gallucci brings over 45 years of experience in business development, promotion, and creative design to Artistry on Stone.  She began her artistic career in the 1960’s designing unique glass-top tables.  Toni then brought her love of working with stone to life as she designed and created animal figures from natural stones during the 1970’s, selling to major gift and department stores throughout the country.

Also, during the 1970’s, and while working at management level within the rapidly-growing computer industry, Toni developed and taught a course entitled “Basic Automotive Skills For Women” throughout Southern California, at various State Universities, Colleges and YWCA’s.  While teaching, she also opened  “The Women’s Garage” in Canoga Park, California, which garnered world-wide media attention as the first women-owned and operated full-service automotive repair garage in the world.

In 1987, Toni founded a mainframe and peripheral computer parts company, managing that company for approximately 12 years.  Toni then sought to return to her creative talents once an opportunity materialized to acquire a glass-engraving business.  She soon discovered that her newly acquired equipment was capable of engraving on stone and other substrates.

Toni and her partner LeeAnna love the work they do, transforming your visions of gifts, memorials, address stones, etc. into a magical realization.  Hopefully, you will too.