Stone Types

We offer an extensive array of stone types, in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures to suit every taste. Each stone is meticulously hand-selected, from various quarries and stone yards located throughout the United States and Mexico.

We choose only the most aesthetically pleasing and durable stones for our engraving projects. Here are just a few of the more common stone types we work with: Limestone, Sandstone, Moss Boulder, River Rock, Sedona Red and Granite.

    Some questions to ponder:

  • Do you prefer a light or a dark colored stone?
  • How will your stone be displayed? (upright, flat)
  • Will your stone be placed indoors or outdoors?
  • What stone size do you envision? (approximate width and height)
  • Will you want the engraved area color-filled or left natural?


Every stone is a unique creation from the Earth. Let us select the stone for you, from our vast inventory, based on your project and preferences. We are knowledgeable, experienced and intuitive in selecting “that perfect stone” for your special engraving project.

If you are within driving distance to Artistry on Stone, schedule an appointment with us and we will help you select a stone from our inventory.

Here are a few examples:

Pueblo Blend
Cream Limestone
Moss Boulder
Harvest Sand
Sedona Red
River Rock
Swirl Stone
Chocolate Lueders

Font Styles

Artistry on Stone offers hundreds of font styles. If you like, we are happy to select the font that we feel will work best with your particular project. Please let us know if you already have a specific font style in mind. *Note: Very thin or highly ornate fonts are not suitable for sandblasting on stone.

If you see a font you like while viewing our gallery of photos in Our Work, please make a note of the photo number and we will discuss using that font style in your project. We can also create your artwork using several different font styles and sizes.

There is no additional charge to mix-and-match font styles and sizes.

Here are just a few the many, preferred font styles available:


Design Options

If you see a design that piques your interest while viewing Our Work photos; please make a note of the photo number and we will discuss how we can create your artwork using that design.

We have many standard designs, which we have created in a variety of themes. If you have a specific idea of what you want, please let us know. There is a good chance that we have a standard design in-stock that will match your request.

If you have a custom design request and do not have the artwork, we will be happy to create it for you (subject to an additional artwork fee). If you have your own artwork in a B&W camera-ready file, you may email it to us at info@artistryonstone.com .

Custom Artwork

Design Flexibility

Creative Composition

Engraving Methods

There are basically two methods we use to sand-carve text and/or designs: standard engrave and reverse engrave. We can engrave using one method or the other; however, a beautiful and dramatic option is to combine standard and reverse engrave on the same stone, if the design allows for both methods. Check with us to see if that option is available for your project.

  • Standard Engrave - The text or design is sand-carved into the stone, leaving that area recessed. The engraved area is then generally filled with a color or multiple colors, for best visibility.
  • Reverse Engrave - The text or design is not sand-carved. However, the area outside of the text or design is sand-carved, leaving the image raised.
Standard Engrave
Reverse & Standard Engrave
Reverse Engrave
Combination Reverse & Standard Engrave


Color Preferences

  • One of our most popular color options for you to consider, is our Artistry on Stone Signature Color Blend. We have developed our own unique color technique; which has great visibility, a rich and earthy presence, and merges all nature’s elements harmoniously.
Signature Color Blend
Signature Color Blend

  • Standard Engrave w/Color-Fill: We have a broad palette and a variety of options, when it comes to color. The most common color-fill is black, or an equivalent dark color, for excellent visibility. However, we love color; we embrace the bold and whimsical, the earthy and serene …and, the classy and sophisticated
Solid Black Color-Fill
Color Blending
Color Blending
Color Fill

  • Standard Engrave without/Color-Fill: This is a beautiful option, as well. This option looks fabulous, if used on a high-contrast stone. A high-contrast stone has an exterior color which has a definite color darker or lighter, than the interior color of the stone. For engraved stones that do not require high visibility (such as an engraved stone used for an indoor art piece), a low-contrast stone is an elegant and eye-pleasing option.  A low-contrast stone has an exterior color which is virtually the same as the interior color of the stone. On occasion, we cannot determine whether a stone is high-contrast or low-contrast until we begin the engraving process
Std. Engrave with Color-Fill

Std. Engrave No Color-Fill
Standard no fill low contrast
Std. Engrave No Color-Fill
  • Reverse Engrave:  The three-dimensional effect of a reverse engraved stone; usually makes an impressive statement without any added color. Rarely, we will use a little color to enhance and accentuate the design, especially when it is a low-contrast stone.