LeeAnna Gallucci

LeeAnn-GallucciLeeAnna Gallucci has had a “love affair” with rocks, gems, color, art and creating beauty since her youth.  LeeAnna’s mission has been to bring to life a space that is aesthetically pleasing to the senses.

LeeAnna started her education in Piano Performance and Music Therapy at the University of Kansas.  After teaching piano for several years, she earned her degree in Business and Computer Information Systems from the University of North Texas.  She has worked as a software engineer and developed graphic user interfaces for a large corporation, honing her skills in business flow processes, design principles and customer relations.  She was presented with an “Award in Excellence” by her peers for her ability to communicate software needs and solutions between the software engineers and the end-users.

She also became a licensed massage therapist for 12 years, discovering the joy of working with clients suffering from severe injuries and chronic illnesses.  She merged the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of her clients with her therapeutic expertise.

In the new millennium, LeeAnna founded an eclectic art gallery in the Texas Hill Country.  The gallery became a showplace for artists and patrons, as she strengthened her gifts of bringing art, design and composition into harmonious beauty.

Now having come full circle, LeeAnna’s passion for color, design and balance is evident in the stone works she creates.  It is her joy and pleasure to work with you, in bringing your vision for that special stone into reality.